Monday, July 10, 2006

Willunga Singing Cricket Food Co- Operative

The Willunga Singing Cricket Food Co- Operative is a great way to get fresh organic food at a low price.We order most of our food in bulk so YOU get it all cheap.With everything from every-day fruit-and-vegetables to delicious dried mango, chocolate covered licorice, (I recomend that!) flour, rice,sugar, free range eggs and much, much more.

for more details call (08)85562762,
email at,
send the co-ordinator a letter and she will tell you there adress.


Blogger woody said...

I use the food co-op every day and I think it is very nice place to buy, and you know that you are getting value for your money

8:22 PM

Blogger Lloyd McPhee said...

Very inspirational shop / group of people - well done :)

2:43 AM


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